Car Washes, Oil Water Separators, and

Storm Drain Cleaning

Renegade Oil cleans car wash grit traps, oil/water separators, and storm drains. We can fully evacuate and jet grit traps, oil/water separators, and storm drains. Our service can help prevent storm drains from overflowing and causing water damage from flooding adjacent cars and buildings. We can handle clean:

  • Large and small outside storm drains and traps with our Vactor truck.
  • Large and small inside storm drains and traps in parking garages and other low clearance traps with our portable trailer Vermeer pumping machine.

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Drain Cleaning

Renegade Oil can handle a full spectrum of drain cleaning needs from 2 inch inside pipes to 2 feet outside sewer pipes. Through the normal workday drains get dirtied and clogged. As you wash your counters and floors “fog” (fats oils and grease) and food particles fill the spaces in drains causing you backups, fines, and possible shutdowns. We can assist you in both preventative maintenance or as needed situations. We can:

  • Cable drains.
  • Hydrojet drains
  • Jet over 400 feet of pipe with our trailer jetter
  • Use our high resolution camera to visually inspect the inside condition of pipes
  • We can record the condition of the pipe and use our locator to mark the ground outside if a repair needs to be made.

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Used Cooking

Oil Recycling

Renegade Oil collects and recycles waste vegetable oil (grease). We recycle your used cooking oil so you don’t have to worry about it being disposed of properly. We compensated you for the used cooking oil collected. We can handle your used cooking oil in a variety of ways:

  • Inside containers
  • Outside containers
  • Grease recycling systems. We compensate customers for the cooking oil we collect.

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Grease Interceptor Pumping

Cleaning Service

Renegade Oil collects, recycles, and properly disposes of grease interceptor waste. We have over 70,000 gallons of mobile pumping capacity. We offer regular/preventative maintenance, and as needed interceptor pumping cleanings. Our trucks are fitted with scrappers, jetters, and spray guns to ensure proper interceptor cleanings so your grease interceptor functions properly. And pass inspections. During an interceptor cleaning we:

  • Pump out all solids and liquids in the grease interceptor
  • Scrap the sides of the grease interceptor
  • Cleans baffles in the grease interceptor
  • Additionally we can hydro jet the laterals leading in and out the grease interceptor

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