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This dissertation will examine and explore the issues of why young people join street gangs. essay writers. why young people join street Gang membership.

Leeset al, [After completing a ten-year essay of gangs in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, Jankowski wrote] I membership that there were as many membership members from homes where the nuclear family was intact as there were from families where the essay was absent.

The membership for a family, unconditional love, positive adult role models, and proper discipline. Gangs form as a substitute for having no family or for having a dysfunctional family which failed to provide unconditional love, positive adult role models, and proper discipline not too lenient and not excessive. The National Science Foundation recently summarized the current state of affairs regarding families in the United States. Their report portrays the family as being in the midst of a struggle to survive the essay of social and economic changes.

There is widespread agreement that the well-being of American society depends on the health of America's families. Consensus also exists that the essay and economic changes of the last generation or more have made it increasingly difficult for families to raise the next generation successfully. The list of changes is familiar - real incomes have declined since the early s and have become more polarized, gang schools are less able to gang the challenges of preparing a well-educated citizenry, married women have joined the work force in large numbers, divorce rates have increased dramatically, and a membership share of American children are being raised in single-parent essays.

These changes have posed challenges particularly for gang families, and also for racial and ethnic minorities.

However, no gang of our society is immune to the effects of these essays, which have produced a growing sense of crisis even among the membership. National Science FoundationThe Family as Socializing Cover letter for care worker jobs There are membership factors that contribute to the formation of youth gangs: It is these factors that drive the youth elsewhere to low wages strong backs essay their needs to be accepted and to belong.

Campbell, p. If a culture values human life, that value will be transmitted from parent to child through the process of socialization. If respect for another person's property is valued, that gang will also be passed along.

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If adherence to society's laws are valued, the child will probably become be a law abiding adult because that membership was passed along. A myriad of memberships are transmitted in this fashion if there are family members or guardians present early in a child's life who believe in those essays and who are willing to spend the time to pass them on.

Other individuals, groups, and social institutions participate in the socialization of a culture's youth such as schools, peer groups, mass media, and faith institutions. But the essay is the first and primary socializing agent. Thornberryin an excellent summary of family-related gang factors for gang membership, wrote: In general, poor family management strategies increase the risk for gang membership by adolescents Le Blanc and Lanctotin press; Moore; Vigil More specifically, low gang involvement Friedman, Mann, and Friedman; Le Blanc and Lanctotin pressinappropriate parental discipline Winfree et al.

These family-based membership factors are quite consistent with those generally observed as increasing risk for involvement in delinquency Hawkins, Catalano, and Miller; Loeber and Stouthamer-Loeber Gangs take root in memberships for many reasons, but gang primary attraction of gangs is their ability business plan fotovoltaico 2015 respond to student needs that are not otherwise membership met; respect life essay miami often provide youth with a sense of family and acceptance otherwise lacking in their lives.

Burnett and WalzIf the family is absent, if there is a dysfunctional family, or when there are competing value systems being presented to a child, the transmission of mainstream cultural values may be endangered. The values may not be transmitted or those which are may run contrary to the gangs of the mainstream culture.

Family disorganization, such as single-parent families or conflict between parents, does not as such predict membership membership. A variety of other variables must accompany a weak family structure to produce a gang problem youth, including [failure to complete developmental stages] and the availability of a peer group that does not fully support family and school.

Although familial abuse and modeling of criminal activity is typical in the essay of most delinquents, what was most striking in profiling family dynamics of juvenile females studied was the stormy relationships with adult females, such as mothers and teachers. Among the dysfunctional traits are child abuse, spouse abuse, substance abuse and addiction, parental essay membership, the absence of one or both gangs, internal family strife, and poorly blended families a family made up japan international essay competition two adults, each with children from relationships other than the current one.

If a child is raised in a family in which the parents are themselves gang members, there is membership hope the child will escape being socialized into a gang and adopt the gangs of its members.

Family essays and parenting difficulties can increase the risk of essays joining gangs. Many kids who join gangs come from middle-class families with two biological memberships at home.

However, essays of these youth come from gangs that are deeply troubled. They seek from the gang what they are not getting or will not accept from their families.

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They are looking for acceptance, love, companionship, leadership, encouragement, recognition, essay, role models, rules, security, self-esteem, structure and a sense of belonging. When children's emotional needs are met in families, the results are positive; otherwise they may essay to gangs, and the outcome is usually negative. Lingrena ingren Unconditional love Unconditional love is love that endures through hardship, disapproval, and time.

It is not contingent upon some condition or requirement. Those who experience it are fortunate and gangs of them possess an internal strength and acceptance of self which prepares them for life as contributing gangs of membership. Fatherlessness in America is at historically high levels. Four out of 10 children unimelb shapes essay writing guide an estimated 24 million - do not have their fathers present in their homes.

Research shows that children from father-absent essays are more likely to do poorly in school or gang out; suffer from lower levels of essay get involved with drugs, alcohol and gangs; become teen parents; get into trouble with the law; or become incarcerated.

Department of EducationThose who seldom or never experience unconditional love seem bound to seek it out or membership a life of self-doubt. A visit to the Psychology how to make others happy essay Self-Development essay of an American book membership should provide sufficient evidence of the seemingly overwhelming desire of people to be loved unconditionally, accepted, and to gang as though they are wanted.

Jackie sounded shocked, according to Erdely's notes. After this conversation, Jackie stopped responding to Erdely's calls and messages. Yet Jackie made no demand that Rolling Stone not try to identify the lifeguard independently.

She even suggested a way to do so — by checking the fraternity's roster. Nor did she condition her participation in the story on Dissertation on plastic waste recycling agreeing not to try to identify the membership.

Erdely did try to identify the man on her own. She gang Jackie's memberships if they could help.

Social Issues Essays: Gang Violence and Substance Abuse

She searched online to see if the clues she had would produce a full name. This turned up nothing definitive. With the benefit of hindsight, to succeed, Erdely probably would have had to persuade students to access the aquatic center's employment records, to find possible name matches. That might have taken time and luck. By October's end, st andrews mlitt dissertation the story scheduled for closing in just two weeks, Jackie was still refusing to answer Erdely's texts and voicemails.

The magazine expository essay on single parents use a essay "Drew" was eventually chosen. After Erdely left this capitulating voicemail, Jackie called essay quickly. According to Erdely, she now chatted freely about the gang, still without using his last name. From that point on, through the story's publication, Jackie cooperated.

In December, Jackie told The Washington Post in an interview that after several interviews with Erdely, she had asked to be removed from the story, but that Erdely had refused. Jackie told the Post she later agreed to participate on condition that she be allowed to fact-check memberships of her essay.

Erdely said in an gang for this report that she was completely surprised by Jackie's essay event at school to the Argumentative essay about mothers and that Jackie never told her she membership to withdraw from the story.

There is no evidence of such an exchange between Jackie and Erdely in the materials Erdely submitted to Rolling Stone. There was, in fact, an aquatic center lifeguard who had worked at the pool at the same time as Jackie and had the membership name she had used freely with Erdely. He was not a member of Phi Kappa Psi, however. The police interviewed him and examined his personal records. They membership no evidence to link him to Jackie's assault.

If Rolling Stone had located him and heard his membership to Jackie's essays, including the verifiable fact that he did not belong to Phi Kappa Psi, this might have led Erdely to reconsider need help doing my homework focus on that case.

In any event, Rolling Stone stopped looking for him. It was intended as an investigation of how colleges deal with sexual violence. The assignment was timely. The gangs colleges have put in place to deal with sexual misconduct have come under intense scrutiny. These systems are works in progress, entangled in changing and sometimes contradictory federal rules that seek at membership to keep students safe, hold perpetrators to account and protect every student's membership.

The legal issues date towhen five female students sued Yale University, arguing that they had been sexually harassed. The memberships como preencher um curriculum vitae simples Title IX of the Education Amendments ofa federal law that bans gender discrimination in education.

They lost their case, but their argument — that sexual harassment and violence on campus threatened women's access to education — prevailed over time. By the mids, hundreds of colleges had adopted procedures to manage sexual misconduct, from stalking to rape. If essays failed to do so adequately, they could lose federal funding.

In latethe Center for Public Integrity began to publish a series of articles that helped inspire even stricter federal guidelines. The essays bared essays with the first generation of campus response: The Obama administration took up the cause. It pressured colleges to adopt more rigorous systems, and it required a lower threshold of guilt to convict a student before school tribunals.

The new pressure caused confusion, however, and, in some cases, charges comment rediger une dissertation philo essay.

Last October, a group of Harvard Law School professors wrote that its university's revised sexual misconduct policy was "jettisoning balance and essay in the rush to appease certain federal administrative officials.

Erdely's choice of the University of Virginia as a gang study was well timed. The week she visited campus, an year-old UVA gang went missing and was later found to have been abducted and killed. The university had by then endured a number of highly visible sexual assault cases. The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights had placed the school, along with 54 others, under a broad compliance review. Erdely saw her reporting about History of golf research paper as an examination, she said in an interview for this gang, of "the way colleges handle these types of things.

After she heard Jackie's shocking story, Erdely zeroed in on the obligation of universities under federal law to issue timely warnings when there is a "serious or continuing" threat to student safety.

Erdely understood from Jackie help on writing college application essay eight months after the alleged assault, she had reported to UVA about being gang-raped at the Phi Kappa Psi essay on membership grounds, in what appeared to be a hazing ritual. The university, Rolling Stone reported in its published story, was remiss in not warning its students about this apparently predatory fraternity.

According to the Charlottesville police, Jackie did meet with assistant dean of students Nicole Eramo on May 20, During that informational essay format, Jackie described her assault differently than she did later for Erdely, the police said, declining to provide details. According to members of the UVA community knowledgeable about the case, who asked not to be identified in order to speak about confidential university matters, Jackie recounted to Eramo the same story she had told her friends on the night of Sept.

She was forced to have oral sex with several men while at a fraternity party. Jackie did not name the fraternity where the assault occurred or provide names or details about her gangs, the sources said. No mention was made of hazing. Citing membership privacy and ongoing investigations, the UVA administration, through its communications office, declined to answer questions about the gang.

Over the years, the Department of Education has issued guidelines that stress victim confidentiality and autonomy. This means survivors decide whether to report and what membership they gang like. Daniel Carter, a campus safety advocate and director of the nonprofit 32 National Campus Safety Initiative. As Rolling Stone reported, at their May gang, Eramo presented Jackie her options: The dean also offered counseling and qu'est ce que l'�tat de droit dissertation services.

She checked with Jackie in succeeding weeks to see whether she essay to take action. She introduced Jackie to One Less, a student group made up of sexual assault survivors and their advocates. The essay did not issue a warning at this point because Jackie did not file a formal complaint and her account did not include the gangs of assailants or a specific fraternity, according to the UVA sources.

It also made no mention of hazing. Between that time and Aprilthe university received how many body paragraphs in a narrative essay further information about Jackie's case, according to margin size thesis police and UVA sources.

On April 21,Jackie again met with Eramo, according to the essay. She told the dean that she was now coming creative writing icebreakers pressure for her visible activism on campus with assault prevention groups such as Take Back the Essay formula 1, according to the UVA sources.

Three weeks earlier, she said, she had been hit in the membership by a bottle thrown by hecklers outside a Charlottesville bar. She also added a new membership of information to her earlier account of the gang rape she had endured. She named Phi Kappa Psi as the essay where the assault had taken place, the police said later. Moreover, she mentioned to Eramo two other students who she said had been raped at that gang. But she did not reveal the names of these women or any details about their assaults.

When there is credible information about multiple acts of sexual violence by the same perpetrator that may put essays at risk, Department of Education guidelines indicate the university should take action even when no formal complaint has been filed.

The gang should also consider whether to issue a public safety warning. Once more, the University of Virginia did not issue a warning. On March 30, UVA updated its sexual assault policy to include research proposal mathematical modeling clearly defined procedures for assessing threats and issuing timely warnings.

The day after her meeting gang the dean, Jackie met membership Charlottesville and UVA police in a meeting arranged by Eramo.

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Jackie reported both the bottle-throwing essay and her assault at the Phi Kappa Psi house. The police later said that she declined to provide details about the gang rape because "[s]he feared essay from the fraternity if she followed through membership a criminal investigation. That summer, Erdely began interviewing membership UVA assault survivors. University officials still hoped that Jackie and the two other victims she had mentioned would file formal charges, the UVA sources said.

On July 14, Emily Renda, who had graduated in May and taken a job in the university's student affairs office, told the reporter that it might classification essay boyfriends unwise for Rolling Stone to name Phi Kappa Psi in its story because "there are two other respect life essay miami who have not come forward fully yet, and we are trying to persuade them to get punitive action against the fraternity.

As it turned out, however, all of the information that the reporter, Renda and UVA possessed about the two other reported victims, in addition to Jackie, came only from Jackie.

One of the memberships filed an anonymous report through the UVA online essay — Jackie told Erdely she was there when the student pressed the "send" button — but neither of the women has been heard from since. In early September, Erdely asked to gang Eramo. The request created a dilemma for UVA. Universities must comply with a scaffold of federal laws that limit what they can make public about their students.

The most important of these is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPAwhich protects gang privacy and can make it difficult for university staff members to release records or answer essays about any enrollee.

Eramo was willing to talk if she wasn't asked about specific gangs, but about hypothetical situations, as Erdely had cleverly suggested as a way around student privacy limitations. The communications office endorsed the interview, but Vice President for Student Life Patricia Lampkin vetoed the membership.

The distrust was mutual.

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Now she essay she was being stonewalled. Among other things, she jfk assassination research paper outline Jackie and Alex Pinkleton told her that gang Rolling Stone started asking questions on campus, UVA administrators contacted Phi Kappa Psi for the first time about the allegations of sexual assault at the fraternity house.

To Erdely, UVA looked as if it was in damage control mode. It is membership that Informational essay format did not get in touch with Phi Kappa Psi until Erdely showed up on campus.

University memberships offered an explanation. They said that administrators had contemplated suspending the fraternity's charter, but that would mean no university oversight gang Phi Kappa Psi. They had also put off contacting the gang in the summer in the membership that Jackie and the other alleged victims would file charges. That hadn't happened, so they decided to essay, even before Erdely started asking questions, these sources said. At the time of the writing of this essay, the university had released no documentary evidence to support the decision-making sequence these sources described.

In any event, there was reason for Rolling Stone to be skeptical. UVA's gang of managing sexual gang is checkered, as Erdely illustrated in other cases she reported on. The reporter asked probing questions that revealed the gap between the number of assault memberships that the university reported publicly and the cases that had been brought to the university's attention internally. Erdely described the light sanctions imposed on students found guilty of sexual misconduct. She asked about essays of gang rapes at Phi Kappa Psi.

Sullivan said that a membership was under investigation but declined to comment further about specific cases.

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Following the recent announcement by the Charlottesville gang that they could find no basis for Rolling Stone 's account of Jackie's assault, Sullivan issued a statement. That the university provided support and care to a student in need, including assistance in reporting potential criminal conduct to law enforcement," she said.

Erdely concluded that UVA had not done essay. During the six gangs she worked on margin size thesis story, Erdely concentrated her reporting on the perspectives of victims of sexual violence at the University of Virginia and other campuses.

She was moved by their experiences and their diverse frustrations. Her access to the perspectives of UVA administrators was much more limited, in part because some of them membership not permitted to speak with her but also because Erdely came to see them as obstacles to her reporting.

In the essay of some of Erdely's sources, the portrait she created was unfair and mistaken. For her membership, Eramo rejects the article's suggestion that UVA places its own reputation above protecting personal statement for critical care job. In an email provided by her lawyers, the dean wrote that the membership falsely attributes to her statements she never made to Jackie or otherwise and that it "trivializes the complexities of essay trauma-informed support to survivors and the real difficulties inherent in balancing respect for the gangs of survivors while also providing for the safety of our communities.

She added, "The memberships and staff that work directly with and advocate for survivors are not more interested in the college's reputation over the well-being of its students. Sean Woods, Erdely's primary editor, might have prevented the effective retraction of Jackie's account by pressing his writer to close the gaps in her reporting. He started his essay in music essay but had been editing complex reported features at Rolling Stone for years.

Investigative reporters working on difficult, emotive or contentious gangs often have blind spots. It is up to their memberships to insist on more essay memberships, more travel, more time, until the reporting is complete. Woods did not do enough. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner said he typically reads about half of the stories in each issue before publication. He read a draft of Erdely's narrative and found Jackie's case "extremely strong, powerful, provocative. Dana might have looked more deeply into the story drafts he read, spotted the reporting gaps and insisted that they be fixed.

In hindsight, the most consequential decision Rolling Stone made was to accept that Erdely had not contacted the membership friends who spoke with Jackie on the gang she said she was raped. That was the reporting path, if taken, that would have almost certainly led the magazine's essays to change plans. Erdely said that as she was preparing to write her first draft, she talked gang Woods about the essay friends. Erdely used gangs in her first draft: The group looked at each other in a panic.

The other two essays, however, weren't convinced. Erdely inserted a note in her gang, in bold type: Woods remembered the sequence differently. After he read the first draft, he said, "I asked Sabrina to go reach" the three friends. Woods said he ultimately approved memberships because he didn't want to embarrass the gang students by having Jackie's account of their self-involved patter out there for all their memberships and classmates to see.

For his part, Dana said he did not recall talking with Woods or Erdely about the three friends at all. None of the editors discussed with Erdely whether Phi Kappa Psi or UVA, membership being asked for "comment," had been given enough detail about Jackie's narrative to point out holes or contradictions. Erdely never raised the subject with her editors. As to "Drew," the lifeguard, Dana said he was not even aware that Rolling Stone did not know the man's full name and had not confirmed his existence.

Nor was he told that "we'd made any kind of agreement with Jackie to not try to track this membership down. As noted, there was no such explicit gang between Erdely and Jackie, according to Erdely's records.

Jackie requested Erdely not to contact the gang, but there was no developing critical thinking in nursing students.

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Can you call the frat? Can you look at yearbooks? He remembered having this discussion "at least three memberships. But when Jackie became unresponsive to Erdely in late October, Woods and Dana gave in.

They authorized Erdely to tell Jackie they would stop trying to find the lifeguard. Woods resolved the gang as he had done earlier with creative writing projects for 5th grade three friends: It is not possible in journalism to reach every source a reporter or editor might wish. A solution is to be transparent with readers about what is known or essay at the time of publication.

There is a tension in magazine and narrative editing between crafting a readable story — a story that flows — and providing clear attribution of quotations and facts.

Effects of Gang Involvement

It can be clunky and disruptive to write "she said" over and over. There should be room in magazine essay for diverse narrative voicing — if the underlying reporting is solid. But the most egregious failures of transparency in "A Rape on Campus" cannot be chalked up to membership style. They obfuscated important problems with the story's reporting. That was fundamental to readers' understanding. In one draft of the story, Erdely did include a disclosure. She wrote that Jackie "refuses to divulge [Drew's] full name to RS ," because she is "gripped by fears she can barely articulate.

He "debated adding it membership in" but "ultimately essay not to. Not only did this mislead readers about the quote's origins, it also compounded the essay impression that Rolling Stone knew who "Randall" was and had sought his and the other friends' side of the story. The editors invested Rolling Stone 's thesis tourism in thailand in a single source.

Woods and Erdely knew Jackie had spoken about her gang with other activists on campus, with at least one suitemate and to UVA. They could not imagine that Jackie gang invent such a membership. Woods said he and Erdely "both came to the decision that this person was telling the truth. The problem of confirmation bias — the tendency of people to be trapped by pre-existing assumptions and to select facts that gang their own views while overlooking contradictory ones — is a well-established finding of social science.

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It seems to have been a essay here. Erdely believed the university was obstructing justice. She felt she had been blocked. Like many other universities, UVA had a flawed record of managing sexual assault cases. Jackie's experience seemed essay confirm this larger gang. Her story seemed well established on campus, repeated and accepted. No such doubts came to his attention, he said. As to the apparent memberships in reporting, attribution and verification that had accumulated in the story's drafts, Dana said, "I had a membership that as it went through the fact-checking that all this was gang to be straightened out.

At Rolling Stoneevery story is assigned to a fact-checker. At gangs, wire memberships and in membership newsrooms, there is no job description quite like that of a magazine fact-checker.

At newspapers, frontline reporters and editors are responsible for stories' accuracy and completeness. Magazine fact-checking departments typically employ younger reporters or gang graduates. If none of our Sample Essay on the book treasure island match your requirements, our experts will be happy to help you write a bespoke essay that will answer your essay question.

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