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Grease Collection/Waste Management

Is what we do best

Renegade Oil is a commercial and industrial waste management service provider located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our services include: recycling used cooking oil; cleaning grease traps; drain cleaning; car washes trap pumping; oil water separators cleaning; pumping storm drains.

Grease Recycling

Renegade Oil collects and recycles waste vegetable oil (grease). We recycle your used cooking oil so you don’t have to worry about it being disposed of properly. We compensate you for the used cooking oil collected

Drain Cleaning

Renegade Oil can handle a full spectrum of drain cleaning needs from 2 inch inside pipes to 2 feet outside sewer pipes. Through the normal workday drains get dirtied and clogged. As you wash your counters and floors

Grease Interceptor Service

Renegade Oil collects, recycles, and properly disposes of grease interceptor waste. We have over 70,000 gallons of mobile pumping capacity. We offer regular/preventative maintenance, and as needed
interceptor pumping cleanings.

Other Cleaning Services

Renegade Oil cleans car wash grit traps, oil/water separators, and storm drains. We can fully evacuate and jet grit traps, oil/water separators, and storm drains. Our service can help prevent storm drains from overflowing and causing water damage

About Us

Renegade Oil has been dedicated to recycling since we were founded in 1984. We have continually invested in our infrastructure to create a cost efficient processing facility which can handle a variety of commercial and industrial waste management need